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Entry Forms - Coming Soon! 

Google Doc (make a copy)   OR   PDF Version

Topic: What song has had the greatest impact on you?  Why?

  • Compose an expository writing piece that accurately reflects your thoughts about your hero 
  • Your entry does not have to be part of a school assignment, but it can be.

Grade Divisions: 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, & 10-12

  • This year’s winner will have an opportunity to compete at the state level!

Send entries to

  • Your Local Council President   OR
  • Email
    • Please put Young Writers’ Contest and the student’s name in the subject line.

Entries must be postmarked or emailed by February 24.

Please carefully read the Teacher’s Guide for specific instructions.

Please send no more than three entries per teacher.

Teacher’s Guide

Dear Teachers,

Thank you for allowing your students to participate in the Student Writing Showcase this year!  Please read over the following guidelines to help your students be successful in this project. We look forward to reading your students’ entries! Thanks again for your cooperation.


Arkansas Literacy Association


  • The entry must be an expository essay.  The theme is What song has had the greatest impact on you?  Why? 

  • A student entry form must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian.  

  • To prevent bias in judging, we ask that you DO NOT put names on the writing, but names MUST be on entry forms. Please attach the writing to the entry form (staple or paperclip it) if you are sending in a hard copy. 

  • A parent must sign in order for the child to participate. Please read the entry form carefully.

  • All entries must be submitted through a teacher. If students work on their writing at home, they must bring it to school and submit it through a teacher.

  • Entries may be no longer than five (5) pages.


  • Your student may enter a piece of writing that was previously written within this school year.  However, the writing does not have to be written as part of classroom instruction.

  • Entry forms must be postmarked by February 24, 2025.

  • Only three (3) entries per teacher will be accepted.

  • Only one (1) entry per student will be accepted.

  • Allow students access to the scoring rubrics so they know what is expected.

Student Entry Form


Please complete all information on this page.  Please do not put your name or any other personal information on your writing.  All entries will be assigned a number before scoring to ensure fairness.

Guidelines for Entries

  • Entries that do not follow all of the guidelines will be disqualified.

  • No more than three (3) entries per teacher.  

  • No more than one (1) entry per student.  

  • Entries may be no longer than five (5) pages. 

  • The entry form must be complete, and no personal information should be on the writing.

  • Style points will be awarded. 

Entry Information

Please complete the following information.  

First & Last Name of Student _______________________________________Grade of Student_______

First & Last Name of Parent/Guardian ____________________________________________________

Student Address  ________________________________________________________________


Student Phone Number ________________________________________________________________

School ______________________________________________________________________________

School Phone ________________________________________________________________________

First & Last Name of Teacher _________________________________________________________

Teacher’s e-mail  _____________________________________________________________________

Student Agreement:

I, (student’s name)________________________________________ have read all of the guidelines for the Which famous person would you like to meet? Why?” Writing Contest, and I agree to follow all of the guidelines established.


Student Signature Date

Publicity Agreement

I hereby give permission for the Arkansas Literacy Association to display the photo of me/my child in print media publications or on the organization’s website, including any page on the site (Facebook), or in other organization publications without further notice.  I also grant the Arkansas Literacy Association the right to edit the photo at its discretion. The student’s name may be used online. I also give permission for the organization to use first name, last name, and school district when submitting to local newspapers. It is understood, however, that once the photo is displayed on a website, the organization has no control over how the photo is used or misused by persons with computers accessing the organization’s website. A parent must sign in order for the child to participate. 


Parent/Guardian Signature Date

Writing Rubric

Student Grade Level ______________Student ID ___________________






The introduction states the main topic, and provides an overview of the writing piece. Information is relevant and presented in a logical order. The conclusion is strong.

The introduction states the main topic. A conclusion is included.

There is no clear introduction, structure, or conclusion. 


There is one clear, well-focused topic. Main ideas are clear and are well supported by details and accurate information.

The topic is identified. Main ideas are somewhat clear and supported by accurate information.

The topic and main ideas are not clear. 


The author’s purpose for writing is very clear, and the author’s knowledge and/or experience with the topic is evident.

The author’s purpose is somewhat clear and there is some evidence of the author’s  knowledge and/or experience with the topic.

The author’s purpose of writing is unclear. 


The author uses elaborate and vivid language throughout the piece of writing.

Most elaboration is general and contains minimal depth.

The piece of writing lacks elaboration.

The author uses rich vocabulary, beyond grade level expectations.

Vocabulary is appropriate for grade level expectations.

Vocabulary is lacking and lower than grade level expectations.

Usage and Sentence Formation

There is consistent agreement between parts of speech.

There is inconsistent agreement between parts of speech.

Parts of speech show lack of agreement.

A variety of sentence structures and lengths are used correctly, including compound and complex sentences for appropriate grade levels. 

Some variety in sentence structures and lengths is evident. 

The writing submission contains short, simple sentences. Sentence errors distract the reader.


The writing submission includes a cover or title page.  

The cover or title page will not count as one of the essay pages.

The writing submission includes a title at the top of the first page, but does not include a cover or title page.

The writing submission does not include a title or cover page.

Pages are  numbered.

Some pages are numbered.

No page are numbered.

The writing submission is double-spaced, typed with 1” margins, and contains two or fewer errors.

Grades 2-4 may hand write and receive a score of 3 if all letters are neat and formed correctly. Correct use of spacing is also required.

The writing submission is neatly handwritten with correct letter formation and spacing. There are 3-10 errors.

The writing submission is handwritten with correct letter formation and spacing. There are more than 10 errors.

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