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Thursday Session Previews


ColbySharp, “Book Access is a Game Changer for ALL Kids” 

Mini-Keynote Sessions:

Monica Burns, “20 Ways to Begin Taming the Wild Text for Digital Readers” 

Eric Litwin, “"Joyful Reading in the Classroom” 

Colby Sharp, “Awesometastic Books of 2019” 


Timmy Bauer, “Podcasts” 

Julie-AnnBenjamin, “Using picture books as windows, mirrors and sliding glass doors as a way to attain inclusion and belonging” 

Sean Buchanan, “The Real T.L.C.s of Literacy” 

Monica Burns, “Adobe Spark in the Reading Classroom 

Patricia (Tricia) Daniels, “Cultivating Stronger Writers through STEAM Projects” 

Coffy Davis, “Poor Righteous Teacher” 

Sandy Dossett, “Erasing the Misery of Reading and Spelling Multisyllabic Words” 

Tammy Gillmore, “Google Sites:  Increasing Writing Skills with Technology” 

Lisa Herrington, “Hosting a Book Tasting”  

Angie Hooper, “Be a Champion for SEL with Hero Academy” 

LeeAnn Howard, “Phonics Concepts EVERY Teacher Should Know” 

Jordan Jackson-Gross, “Expanding the Canon: Revolutionary or Necessary?” 

Vicki King, “Word Study:  Strategies for Older Struggling Readers” 

Meredith Krisell, “Writing: A Reciprocal Process” 

Eric Litwin, “Interactive Literacy and Music” 

Karen Robinson, “Morphology: Unlocking the Code for Older Students” 

Suzanne Rogers, “Branding Your Reading Culture” 

Suzanne Rogers, “Reading Improvement with Technology (Lexile levels)” 

Jennifer Seaton, “Learning to Love Literacy by Developing Authors' Eyes” 

Amy Thompson, “Technology and Literacy”  

Cecelia Wilson, “Everyone Has a Story” 

Friday Session Previews


David Kilpatrick, “Recent Advances in Understanding Word-Level Reading Problems: Implications for Instruction and Intervention”

Mini-Keynote Sessions:

Julie-Ann Benjamin, “TBA” 

LeeAnn Howard, “When We Know Better, We Do Better” 

David Kilpatrick, “Understanding the Role of Phonemic Proficiency in Boosting Reading Skills in Struggling Readers” 

Arkansas Author Panel:  Secondary:  Trenton Lee Stewart, Carla McClafferty, Cecilia Wilson, James Babb, Coffy Davis

Arkansas Author Panel:  Elementary:  Maria Hoskins, LaTonya Richardson, Caryn Southerland, Barbara Winningham


Christy Hesslen, “Loving and Luring Students Into Reading” 

Robin Johnson, “Literacy in the Secondary Science and Math Classroom” 

Carla McClafferty, “Not Shying Away from Messy History- Buried Lives: The Enslaved People of George Washington's Mount Vernon” 

Darcy Pattison, “Moments in Science” 

Jennifer Seaton, “Learning to Love Literacy by Developing Authors' Eyes” 

Andrea Scott, “The Bigger the Fro, the More I know” 

Stefanie Sorbet, “Prescribing Multisensory Lapbooks for Literacy Intervention” 

Trenton Lee Stewart, “A Conversation with Trenton Lee Stewart” 

Shelby Tedford, “Arkansas Book Awards in Action” 

Amy Thompson, “So Many Assessments - So Little Time”

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